Kristen Felicetti

Kristen Felicetti is a writer and the founding editor-in-chief of The Bushwick Review. She is the Head of Support at Substack.

Her first novel Log Off (Shabby Doll House, 2024) is out now. 

She lives primarily in Rochester, NY and travels often.

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OUT NOW - JUNE 4, 2024

In the early 2000s, from a dial-up connection in a Western New York suburb, sixteen-year-old Ellora Gao logs on to the Internet to start a secret LiveJournal. Abandoned as a child by her troubled mother and left with her former stepfather Brian, an emotionally distant alcoholic, Ellora hopes to find the close relationships online that are missing from her real life.

But her online diary isn't entirely serious, it's also where she can gossip and rant about music, books, and everyone at her high school, including two intriguing new friends, Alice, a reformed bad girl, and Tiff, a cocky musical prodigy. As the school year unfolds, Ellora shares every challenge she faces with her growing LiveJournal readership: memories of her estranged mother, frustration with Brian's lack of parenting, concern for Alice's health, romantic feelings for Tiff, and her place in a post-Y2K world on the cusp of major change.

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